this is what i am up to....

Well, if you are reading this you either are a really good friend or you might have too much time on your hands. I am excited to share that I was asked to be a part of a group show in Madison. The show is titled "drawing you in, lead to ink" the opening is Feb. 6th at six pm. - Other news is that myself and friend eric inkala are sending off work to be in a group show in New York. AWP gallery the show is titled "World Of Imagination Vol.2" - I am also working on another group show with great friends Eric Inkala, John Grider, and Keiko Yagishita at First Amendment Gallery. We are currently working out a title for this one. This is the
follow-up show from last years "almost famous" show. There is more news that I cant share yet but stay posted. OH.. My friend Paper Tiger is helping me out with a web page,so hopefully soon it will be up and going..